Rhonda Parmley- Executive Director 

In the fall of 2008 I was introduced to a most remarkable and beautiful woman, Kuier Atem Deng, a refugee from south Sudan.  I will never forget my first image of Kuier, regally strolling up College Avenue in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado on a crisp fall day, adorned in canary yellow African dress, skirt gracefully flowing in the wind behind her. She asked me to help her help the citizens of her impoverished and war-torn country.  At the time I was trying to decide where my skills post-Ph.D. could best serve the world.  I have since discovered that I have been called to do work in the Republic of South Sudan with my friend and colleague. 

My background is in counseling and psychotherapy, educational research, health education, and women’s studies. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in all of these disciplines at local colleges and universities and run a small private counseling practice. I was raised in a family of health care providers and, in recent years, have worked to understand how best to meet the healthcare needs of all people.  I am particularly interested in the positive impact created for communities when child and maternal health needs are met; where these needs are met, communities flourish.  Therefore, it is my great honor and privilege to work with the staff of HealthKind to ensure these services are provided in places of world where they are inadequate, if not non-existent.  I believe all of us have the right to basic health care services and I know resources are available to make this possible.  Help us take these services to some of the most vulnerable people in our world – to the women and children in the Republic of South Sudan.